Mojo Motorcycles Pty Ltd., the Australian distributor for CFMOTO, has reaffirmed its total commitment to the Australian quad bike market following the full introduction of new federal government safety standards.

The Melbourne-based Mojo Motorcycles, which has been the local CFMOTO importer since 2005, has met all the requirements under the Consumer Goods (Quad Bike) Safety Standard – which have been introduced over two stages – to continue selling its ATV range in all Australian states and territories.

The stage one deadline was October 11, 2020, while the more substantive stage two framework – which required the introduction of an operator protection device (OPD) on all general-use quad bikes – came into effect on October 11, 2021.

However, to help facilitate a smoother transition for customers and dealers, Mojo Motorcycles completed the stage two requirements ahead of time, with OPDs standard fitment across its entire model range from July 1, 2020 – 16 months ahead of schedule.

The mandatory legislation which applies to all new ‘general-use’ quad bike models sold in Australia is outlined below:

Stage one (by October 11, 2020)
• All quad bikes must meet the specified requirements of the US quad bike Standard ANSI/SVIA 1-2017 or the EN 15997:2011 Standard;
• All quad bikes must be tested for static stability using a tilt table test and display the angle at which it tips on to two wheels on a hang tag at the point of sale; and
• All quad bikes must have a durable label affixed, visible and legible when the quad bike is in operation, alerting the operator to the risk of rollover and must include rollover safety information in the owner’s manual.

Stage two (by October 11, 2021)
• All general-use model quad bikes must be fitted with, or have integrated into the design an operator protection device;
and • All general-use model quad bikes must meet the minimum stability requirements of lateral stability (a minimum tilt table test of 28.81 degrees) and front and rear longitudinal pitch stability (a minimum tilt table test of 38.65 degrees).

Independent tilt angle testing is performed for Mojo Motorcycles by the Sydney-based Crashlab, and all CFMOTO quads easily exceed the minimum requirements.

Mojo Motorcycles has no affiliation to Crashlab.

To meet the OPD requirements, Mojo Motorcycles has engaged the services of Quadbar, an Australian manufacturer located in Clifton (Qld), on a tailored solution. The OPDs are then installed by CFMOTO dealers during the pre-delivery process.

“Quadbar was one of two OPD manufacturers listed in the government standard,” said Mr Poynton.

Mojo Motorcycles has no affiliation to Quadbar.

For detailed information regarding the new standard, click HERE.