CFMOTO develops, manufactures, markets and delivers the world’s most reliable and cost effective all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles and scooters, utility vehicles, boat and power sports engines. Founded in 1989 and teaming up with more than 1200 employees, CFMOTO has developed 98 vehicle models and 51 engine models, which are distributed in over 70 countries. CFMOTO is edging into the advanced ranks in the world in the powersports industry, and aims to supply superior products to dealers and fans globally.


  • CFMOTO is determined to standout from the crowd. To pursue exceptional design, explore innovation, enhance reliability and to create rewarding and exciting vehicles. No challenge is ever to big and to always keep the door open to explore new possibilities.
  • To be at the forefront of design and function, CFMOTO continues to make a commitment to look ahead and always strive always for more to stay fresh and progressive in a continually evolving environment.
  • A passion for fun. CFMOTO’s mission is to create a thrilling and an enjoyable driving experience through its vast array of top quality, innovative powersport vehicles. Creating a shared experience to unite and Experience More Together with CFMOTO.


CFMOTO Australia is distributed by Mojo Motorcycles and aims to be one of the largest ATV/UTV brands in Australia. Our key objective is to continue to increase our market share in the road motorcycle segment as we continue to expand our range of competitively priced motorcycles. CFMOTO Australia is of the fastest growing motorcycle brands in Australia. With over 20,000 CFMOTO’s now sold since its introduction in 2009 – making CFMOTO Australia a key player in the Australian ATV/UTV market, now outselling some Japanese rivals.


The Australian off road ATV/UTV market is quite unique when compared globally. Our market is the opposite to the rest of the world by being focused on agricultural or work use, rather than for recreational use. To combat this our Tech Department works closely to CFMOTO Global Engineers to rigorously test new models and make any necessary changes to adapt new machines to our market needs. Farm Ready, we attend more than 30 Farming shows and Agricultural Field Days per annum in Australia and we do highly encourage customers to attend their local shows so they can experience the CFMOTO model range first hand and have the opportunity to discuss the brand with their local dealer.


All CFMOTO ATV/UTV and motorcycles are backed by 2 year factory warranty and are supported by an 80 plus national dealer network. We understand that customers need a strong after sales service network, especially in agricultural industries. To support this CFMOTO Australia has invested in a large 5000m2 warehouse facility and head office, located in Melbourne to service our dealer network. Further enhancements have been made with an all new a state of the art B2B system giving our dealers all the up to date information at their fingertips to provide a first class service to our CFMOTO Customers.