The NSW government recently extended its Quad Bike Safety Rebate Program into a sixth year, which means that eligible primary producers (and some non-primary producers) who purchase a CFMOTO CFMOTO UTV – and now all CFMOTO ATVs fitted with an operator protector device – can apply for a rebate.

The rebate for a CFMOTO ATV purchase is $600, while for a CFMOTO UTV it’s $2000. The program, administered under the NSW SafeWork umbrella, applies to the following CFMOTO UFORCE UTVs:

• UFORCE 800 EPS (including the camo version);
• UFORCE 1000 EPS; and
• UFORCE EPS 1000 Hunter.

All farming businesses registered in NSW with the primary intention of generating income are eligible to access the NSW Quad Bike Safety Rebate Program. Businesses must also purchase a new UTV and or ATV (not second-hand)

The criteria that must be met for UTV and ATV purchases is the same, except that in the case of ATVs:

Meanwhile, non-primary producers who wish to apply for the scheme are required to provide a signed statutory declaration with their application. An example may be a horse riding school which requires an ATV or UTV to feed, muster and check on the horses.

• The eligible OPD must be separately itemised on the invoice as proof of purchase;
• Dealerships must provide in writing that the eligible OPD is new and was fitted by a competent person; and
• Dealerships must provide in writing they will provide the manufacturer’s instructions for the OPD at point of sale.

For more information on applying for the rebate, click here.

The extension of the Quad Bike Safety Rebate Program, to the tune of $2.8 million, was announced in November 2020, and will be available “for as long as the funding lasts”.