It's broken Guinness World Records and just last year smashed an Australian record with the Transcontinental Insanity ride. The 650TK is an unbelievable tourer with a price tag that will set your touring heart racing.


Endurance riders, Craig Harcombe and Karl Pirchmoser put CFMoto’s touring bike, the 650TK to the ultimate test in 2014, completing one of the toughest long distance rides in Australia in only six days. The challenging tour saw Harcombe and Pirchmoser cover an amazing 10,200kms in less time than it takes to get a passport in this country; travelling from the golden beaches of Byron Bay to Denham, near Geraldton, West Australia AND BACK on a journey dubbed ‘Transcontinental Insanity’ by the long distance riding community.

What was amazing here was the bikes didn’t need anything out of the ordinary for touring duties and during the transcontinental insanity ride, nothing special was done to the bikes prior except normal servicing.

In this article, CFMoto's Bob Walters explains the best way to setup your 650TK for touring.

1.   Servicing

Hard core tourers already know this but CFMoto recommends you give your bike a full service with synthetic engine oil before you head off.

2.   Coolant

Changing the coolant will also see your bike perform well. there are a whole range of new ice type coolants out there for those who are like to be extra cautious.

3.   Chain and Sprockets

Make sure your chain & sprockets are in good condition and correctly adjusted and lubed. We recommend carrying some lube and treat the chain to a small dose after every day of touring. Also make sure your chain is adjusted when you are loaded up for the trip.

4.   Tyres

 Make sure you start the trip with new or almost new tyres as doing big kilometres, especially in hot summer months across deserts can wear tyres extremely quickly.

5.   Accessories check

CFMoto offer a taller screen for the 650TK which is built for the bike and will help with wind protection for as little as $160. You can order these taller screens from your local CFMoto dealer. To find your closest dealership, head to

Don’t forget to check your panniers and plug your GPS into the 12v accessory outlet on the bike and you won’t take a wrong turn.

6.   Brake and Clutch Levers

It is a good idea to carry some spare brake and clutch levers just in case the bike falls over.

7.   Oil and Filter Change

While your bike is piling up the kilometres, it is recommended you change the engine oil and filter every 5,000km.

CFMoto have more than 80 dealers across nation so it is easy to find a dealer who is knowledgeable in your bikes mechanics and can take care of all of this for you, especially while under warranty.

Check the CFMoto website for the location of authorised dealers and plan your trip to coincide with these service centres.

8.   Check your motorcycle insurance

A good idea to call your motorcycle insurance company before you head off to check your coverage before you leave and adjust if necessary.

9.   Hit the road and have fun!

Whether you’re traveling with your wife or your riding buddies, you can rest assured you’ll be seeing some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable if your tour is around Australia – we are so fortunate to have some of the best touring places in the world. The CFMoto 650TK is competent tourer which will ensure you get there and hopefully had some serious fun along the way.