Photo courtesy of SS Photography

Photo courtesy of SS Photography



Local CFMoto dealer, George Knight of Somerset UTV’s was at it again last weekend - putting the CFMoto Z8 through its paces at round two of the Queensland short course series in Caboolture.

Knight set out to claim the top step of the podium after a spectacular finish in the first round but narrowly missed out on the win to a 900cc turbo vehicle who one could argue was overpowered for the under 900cc class.

The Queensland short course series was held over two days and Knight pushed CFMoto’s 800cc v-twin through 10 gruelling rounds against 900cc machines all weekend.

“The Z8 is the only 800cc in the series and it never missed a beat. We were neck and neck with the 900cc turbo all the way to the finish line.” Knight said.

The series, which is sponsored by Superior Engineering is in its first year and attracts almost two dozen machines to the sleepy town of Caboolture to compete for off-road glory.

The dates for the third and final round of the series are yet to be confirmed but is expected to run in late September or early October.

George says he’ll be there again with his CFMoto Z8 and plans to push the 800cc to ultimate glory and take home the 2014 title win.