CFMOTO Australia is thrilled to introduce two compact yet invigorating newcomers to its growing motorcycle portfolio: the XO PAPIO RACER and XO PAPIO TRAIL. Poised to create a buzz in the MINIMOTO realm, these motorcycles effortlessly fuse timeless design with contemporary features, ensuring riders a stimulating experience unlike any other.

XO Papio Racer: A Retro-Sports Marvel

Embodying a new urban legend, the XO PAPIO RACER pays homage to the racing culture of the last century. This mini retro-sports motorcycle boasts clip-on handlebars, a quarter fairing, and a belly pan that evoke a bygone era where form and function converged into iconic design. With twin-round headlights and a youthful charm, the XO PAPIO RACER is destined to become a highly sought-after gem for both riding enthusiasts and collectors.

XO Papio Trail:An Explorer's Dream

For those who crave untamed adventures, the XO PAPIO TRAIL is a mini retro-scrambler designed to stir up more than just dust. Its compact size and off-road capabilities make it the perfect urban runabout. Breaking away from tradition, the XO PAPIO TRAIL exudes a youthful and unique charm, inviting riders to roam freely and unleash their vitality.

XO PAPIO - Shared Features:

Retro Design
Paying tribute to the classics of the last century, each variant features one-of-a-kind bodywork with carefully sculptured lines exuding fun and creating excitement wherever you go.

XO Elements

The ‘XO’ designation is inspired by gaming consoles' X and O buttons, recognised as essential functions connecting a player and the game. The XO PAPIO strives to be a motorcycle that connects riders and lifestyles, encouraging more users to find new ways to play. With XO PAPIO, discover a unique blend of style and functionality that elevates the user experience, as its distinctive twin headlights and body seamlessly incorporate distinct XO elements.

Exceptional Performance
The highly refined 126cc air-cooled 4-stroke EFI engine creates maximum torque lower in the rev range for exceptional urban performance and unparalleled reliability.

Endurance Optimisation
The 7L fuel tank lasts approximately 350km, providing worry-free travel without the fear of running out of fuel.

Advanced Suspension
YUAN upside-down front forks and dual-channel ABS ensure superior handling, stability, and safety during both on and off-road exploits.

Modern Technology
The new 3" monochrome LCD round display, full LED XO-shaped headlights, and upgraded Bosch EFI bring advanced technology to the forefront, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Compact and Lightweight
With a wet weight of only 114kg and a low 760mm seat height, the Papio XO’s lightweight and compact body structure promotes confidence and easy handling.

MAKE IT BIG - A Bold Declaration of Freedom

The XO Papio series is more than just urban motorcycles; it's a declaration and a bold embodiment of the spirit that refuses to conform. With the resonant tagline 'Make it Big', the XO PAPIO range not only redefines the boundaries of MINIMOTO but also inspires riders to amplify their own narratives. 'Make it Big' isn't just a phrase; it's a call to break free from the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary, and ride into a world where dreams are not just chased but realised.

From the sleek lines of the Racer to the off-road prowess of the Trail, the XO PAPIO series invites riders to make a statement, stand out, and take on the road with an unyielding spirit. Whether navigating the urban jungle or conquering untamed trails, the XO PAPIO series invites riders to embrace the boundless possibilities that come with every throttle twist.

The XO PAPIO motorcycles stand as a testament to the courage of those who dare to dream big, ride bold, and refuse to be confined by the status quo. Get ready to 'Make it Big' with the XO PAPIO series and embark on a journey where the thrill of the ride is as boundless as your imagination.


The XO PAPIO RACER is available now in a vivid Fiery Red colour scheme for a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $4,290 Ride Away.

The XO PAPIO TRAIL is available now in a jovial Galaxy Grey colour scheme for a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $4,290 Ride Away.

Both models come with the assurance of CFMOTO’s 3-year warranty program.

Interested customers are encouraged to contact their nearest CFMOTO motorcycle dealership for further information.

*Ride Away price advertised includes 12 months of registration. CFMOTO Motorcycles are supported by our 3-Year Factory Warranty Program. The program provides a warranty for a period of two years from the date of purchase. However, if your vehicle is serviced exclusively at an authorised dealer and retains an accurate service history, you may be eligible for a further one-year extension. For more details, contact your CFMOTO Motorcycle dealer. Pricing correct at the time of publication 14/12/2023.