Last November, at the EICMA motorcycle show CFMOTO unveiled their first electric youth ATV, the state-of-the-art CFORCE EV110.

This advanced, sports-orientated ATV is suitable for riders aged ten and above, boasting an easy-to-ride nature that promotes a safe way for youngsters to develop their riding skills further.

Powered by a 1500W electric motor that provides an exciting ride experience with smooth acceleration and linear torque delivery. Noise is kept to an absolute minimum with only a small amount of audible chain noise, even at full throttle operation.

The choice between the two riding modes offered is easily switchable; the Economy (E) mode limits vehicle speed between 1km/h to 24km/h and extends the overall riding range. Sport (S) mode offers maximum performance for more confident pilots, enabling higher vehicle speeds up to 45km/h.

Riding enjoyment can be an all-day affair thanks to the CFORCE EV110’s estimated 60km riding range providing well over 3 hours of run time. A sophisticated energy recycling system smoothly converts braking energy into battery power. The 44V, 2,400Wh lithium-Ion battery can be fully charged from 0% to 100% in just 4 hours. The battery is also removable, allowing for convenient charging anywhere, anytime and is protected by an intelligent battery management system.

A 5” LCD instrument gauge displays battery percentage, speedometer, odometer, and active riding mode. Starting and Stopping the CFORCE EV110 is no more difficult than pressing the centrally mounted Start/Stop button. The integrated left-hand switch block controls for ignition On/Off, Forward, Neutral, and Reverse gear selection, a horn plus riding mode selection switch.

CFMOTO’s Smart Safe Guard smartphone application offers parents maximum assurance and control with the ability to monitor the CFORCE EV110’s precise location and distance, plus check essential vehicle status information, including ride mileage, remaining battery percentage, battery temperature and voltage. A convenient ‘Low Battery Alert’ notifies parents when the charge becomes low.

Maximum speed can be controlled and personalised between 1km/h and 45km/h; unique speed limits can be set for both Sport & Economy riding modes, perfect for situations where multiple children of varying experience and confidence levels may be riding the ATV.

The intelligent application enables parents to establish a Geofence from their location. If the CFORCE EV110 exceeds the set range, a buzzing reminder will alert the rider, and the ATVs speed will be automatically limited. Parents are notified via their smartphones.

Young riders can quickly call for assistance by activating the SOS call button on the ATV, which triggers an alert via the Smart Safe Guard app. Conversely, parents can remotely buzz the CFORCE EV110 with a Call Back, informing the rider to return to base.

Additionally, a safety tether engine-stop switch clips onto the rider’s jersey. In the event of broken contact, the tether will instantly shut down the motor to stop the ATV.

Tackling rough terrain for young riders will be a breeze thanks to the CFORCE EV110’s double A-arm independent front suspension with premium oil-damped shock absorbers. Out back, a swingarm rear suspension system employs a single-shock absorber providing long wheel travel for a smooth, comfortable, and balanced ride. All three shock absorbers sport adjustable spring preload, which enables the ATV’s suspension to be optimised for varying rider weights and adjusted as they grow.

Braking capabilities are equally impressive, with full hydraulic disc brakes being utilised across the twin caliper front brake and single caliper rear brake systems. The left-hand brake lever also operates a Combined Brake System (front & rear brakes) whilst the right-hand brake lever and foot brake pedal operate independently.

Styling design has taken cues from the show-stopping adult-sized Evolution-A concept with distinctive LED front and rear lighting, closed grille, aero wheel caps and fresh livery.
The CFORCE EV110 is an ATV packed with quality, safety and style, making it the perfect choice for young riders this Christmas!

Available from mid-October in the choice of two colour schemes: White / Lemon Green or White / Lava Orange for a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $5,290 Ride Away and is backed by CFMOTO’s 24 month warranty.


*National ride-away prices are inclusive of freight to your local dealer and dealer pre-delivery charges. Excludes Regional WA dealers. Under the legislation, youth quads do not require an OPD and have no minimum tilt angle. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price correct at time of publication: September 2022.