ARTICLE: Australian Motorcyclist Magazine.

For many years, if you asked a motorcycle enthusiast or commuter to name a Chinese motorcycle brand they would not be able to, except perhaps to name the rebrand (something like Llexmoto or Zingbikes). Just possibly they might know that Lifan, for example, is a major manufacturer but that would be rare. This is due to the Chinese motorcycle industry’s propensity for re branding (re-badging) and little has changed to this day.

In more modern times an exception has arisen, and that is CFMoto. CFMoto has been a revelation in the Chinese motorcycle industry in many ways as they have adopted a more ‘western’ attitude to business philosophy and marketing. They are one of the few Chinese motorcycle manufacturers that sell internationally using their own brand and trying to promote brand recognition. CFMoto is now considered a serious motorcycle company internationally as they have striven to develop models that the bigger motorcycle factories have not.

These models include a range of 650cc bikes. CFMoto’s bikes have received great reviews around the world (Australian MOTORCYCLIST ran a pair of them across Australia and back) and have propelled CFMoto to the position of most recognised Chinese motorcycle brand. In addition to this CFMoto is making a name for itself by manufacturing highly styled and large displacement (by Chinese standards) UTV and ATV vehicles. CFMoto also developed China’s first large displacement touring line (the Chinese industry considers any displacement over 500cc to be ‘large’). These bikes utilise a liquid cooled parallel twin engine that delivers 41.5 KW of power...

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