Following the remarkable debut of the 800MT adventure-touring range, CFMOTO has raised the bar further for 2023 by introducing a fourth variant to the rapidly expanding range with its new flagship model, the 800MT Explore.

An evolution of the existing Touring model, the new 800MT Explore features a compilation of technical updates set to maximise long-distance comfort whilst taking the overall ownership experience to new heights, thanks to the introduction of an advanced traction control system, rear radar technology, an 8-inch Multi-Media Interface (MMI) display, several new ride modes, switchable ABS front and rear, and new Michelin tyres.


The 799cc parallel-twin engine’s tune has been revised for optimised torque delivery. Lightweight forged aluminium pistons feature three piston rings, and a chrome ceramic coated piston pin for reduced piston weight and therefore reduced reciprocating mass, resulting in a faster revving engine. The pistons are connected via forged cracked connecting rods for precision fit and increased service life. The lightweight 75° forged one-piece crankshaft with plain bearings also reduces the rotating masses inside the engine, improving the throttle response when accelerating or decelerating. The 285° firing order creates a similar power delivery and sound characteristics of a V-twin engine.

The Power Assisted Slipper Clutch (PASC) is more compact and lighter than conventional designs. It provides a lighter clutch lever pull with a broad engagement range for greater confidence and comfort. The ‘slipper’ function aids in keeping the motorcycle steady during sharp downshifts by reducing back torque, keeping the rear tyre from hopping, and locking up.

The bi-directional quickshifter makes shifting through gears effortless for an enhanced riding experience.


The high-strength, lightweight chromium-molybdenum alloy steel frame and subframe weigh only 16kg and are paired with an aluminium swingarm for optimised rigidity and stability.

43mm KYB inverted front forks provide a compliant and controlled ride with a generous 160mm of travel and damping characteristics tailored specifically for adventure riding. Both compression and rebound damping can be adjusted, along with spring preload.

The single KYB rear shock features 150mm of travel with adjustable spring preload and rebound damping.

Wire-spoked rims on the Explore iteration have been upgraded with Michelin Anakee tyres for an enhanced riding experience, mainly when off-road.


J.Juan 4-piston radial-mount calipers are matched with dual 320mm floating discs for exemplary stopping power. The rear brake system employs a twin-piston J.Juan caliper paired with a single 260mm disc.

The brilliant braking package is supported by a lightweight, one-piece BOSCH 9.1 MP Cornering Antilock Brake System (ABS). Superior to standard systems, the package utilises input from a 6D sensor (IMU) which allows the braking force to be optimised based on the bike’s speed and inclination to aid in maintaining the rider’s intended line through corners.


A new 8-inch Multi-Media Interface (MMI) display adorns the rider cockpit, featuring Apple CarPlay and Carbit systems. Moreover, the new touchscreen display supports multimedia interaction, Bluetooth connectivity, voice control and provides navigation directions.

800MT Explore riders can choose between six different Ride Modes, each offering a unique combination of torque output and traction control (TC) intervention to suit varying road conditions, abilities, and preferred riding styles.

SPORT: provides the sharpest throttle response and maximum torque output with a low level of TC intervention. Perfect for experienced riders out for a spirited ride on the tarmac.

OFF ROAD: provides a softer throttle response than SPORT with the lowest level of TC intervention.

OFF ROAD+: provides a softer throttle response than SPORT with the lowest level of TC intervention. The rear wheel ABS is also deactivated.

ALL TERRIAN: provides a softer throttle response than OFF-ROAD with no TC intervention. The rear wheel ABS is also deactivated.

ALL TERRIAN+: provides a softer throttle response than OFF-ROAD with no TC intervention. The front and rear wheel ABS are deactivated.

RAIN: provides the softest throttle response and the gentlest power curve with the lowest maximum output and the highest level of TC intervention best suited for wet and slippery conditions.

The 800MT Explore is also the first CFMOTO motorcycle to feature rearward-facing radar technology with the Behind Radar System (BRS) introduction, encompassing several monitoring and warning functions. Blind Spot Detection (BSD) monitors the blind areas within the rider’s field of vision and provides a warning signal when another vehicle is identified in the blind area.

Lane Change Assist (LCA) monitors other road users from both sides and the motorcycle’s rear at a broader range than BSB. A warning signal appears when changing lanes presents a risk to the rider.

When triggered, a first-level warning is communicated via the sides of the MMI screen flashing yellow. If the rider indicates to turn (indicator on) when a vehicle is detected, the rider is notified by flashing red alerts on both sides and the bottom of the MMI screen.

Rear Collision Warning (RCW) monitors the distance between the nearest vehicle behind the motorcycle and provides a warning signal in the event of a potential collision. Similarly, the MMI will flash yellow when a vehicle is detected in close proximity from behind, changing to red when extremely close.

CFMOTO’s advanced T-Box system enables smartphone connection via Bluetooth and the smartphone application.

Through the CFMOTO RIDE App, the rider can access an array of features, including navigation; track lap times, ride history and statistics; remote vehicle status, including a fuel indicator; the ability to conduct over-the-air software updates; new security features, including movement sensors, vehicle location and even set up a virtual electric fence to alert you of vehicle movement or theft.

When on the move, the heated seat and heated grips each offer three levels of warmth and are easily adjustable on the fly. Cruise control assists with reducing rider fatigue, improves touring comfort, and is easily set and adjusted via buttons on the left switch block. Convenient USB ports and a 12v socket are included for charging devices, including smartphones.


There’s a choice between two new contemporary liveries – Gem Black or Starry White.

The CFMOTO 800MT Explore is available now for a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $16,490 Ride Away and is backed by CFMOTO’s 3-year warranty.

For further information, interested customers are encouraged to contact their local CFMOTO Motorcycle dealer.

*Pricing correct at the time of publication (7/03/2023) The 'Ride Away' price advertised includes 12 months of registration. CFMOTO Motorcycles are supported by our 3-Year Factory Warranty Program. The program provides a warranty for a period of two years from the date of purchase. However, if you have your vehicle serviced exclusively at an authorised dealer and retain an accurate service history, you may be eligible for a further one-year extension. For more details, contact your CFMOTO Motorcycle dealer.