CFMOTO's sports side-by-side line-up has been strengthened with the release of the ZFORCE 800 Trail.

The 800 Trail will replace the existing ZFORCE 800, while continuing to appeal to customers who don’t want to spend 'new car money' on their SSV but are still passionate about enjoying a tactile and dynamic seat-of-the-pants driving experience.

There are myriad updates for the 800 Trail over its predecessor, including a new roof, new side air intake with frog skin filter, new exterior design, a new LED front light, more robust half doors and restyled 14-inch alloy wheels.

The dual-seat 800 Trail also has a 254mm longer wheelbase (now 2286mm), and there's now an extra 3hp (up to 65hp) from the liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, four-stroke V-twin, which is married to a CVT transmission and has two power modes.

Inside the cabin there's a new five-inch LCD display, an adjustable passenger handlebar, flat-bottomed steering wheel, dual-mode electronic power steering, waterproof storage compartments, improved sports seats, new seat rails and smartphone-connectivity in conjunction with the CFMOTO RIDE app.

The 800 Trail has dual A-arm front suspension with 255mm of travel, while major changes have been introduced at the rear: a Torsional Trailing Arm (TTA) setup, which means more controlled wheel movement for supreme handling. Suspension travel at the rear is 305mm.

Other standard highlights include a tow hitch, 26-inch six-ply tyres, extended fender and 'intelligent' T-Box.

Accessories include skid plates, nerf bars, bumpers, half and full windscreens, a rear cargo box, aluminium roof, snorkel kit and audio system.

The retail price for the 800 Trail is $17,490 drive away, in one livery only – Galaxy Grey.

"The ZFORCE 800 Trail continues CFMOTO's renewed push into the recreational side-by-side market," said CFMOTO Australia director, Michael Poynton. "Engine performance, handling, traction, comfort and overall configuration are first-class, with the level of spec surpassing our major competitors – but at a price point which delivers an incredibly fun drive, time after time."

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CFMOTO has joined forces with All 4 Adventure, Australia's No. 1 adventure, fishing and 4x4 show, with the 800 Trail to take centre stage during season 14.

The UFORCE 1000 Hunt UTV will be used in the first block of production, after which the two hosts, Jase and Simon, will adopt a more recreational tone – interspersed with some hard yakka – as they climb in the 800 Trail.

"We know the UFORCE 1000 EPS Hunt won't shirk any issue – and rest assured we'll ask it to take on some challenging carrying and towing assignments – and we're also looking forward to ramping up the fun quotient with the corner-carving exploits of the shorter-wheelbase ZFORCE 800 Trail," said Jase, the All 4 Adventure host.

"We can't wait for production to start and showcase CFMOTO in some of the most beautiful and isolated parts of Australia."

We'll be seeing the fruits of the CFMOTO and All 4 Adventure collaboration in the second half of 2022 on Channel 10 and its affiliates including Episodes will also appear on the subscription-based, and All 4 also releases content on DVD.

An exciting partnership, especially in highlighting the leisure – and extraordinary value proposition – of the CFMOTO SSV family.

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