On September 8, 2022, at the CFMOTO 2022 Autumn Strategy Conference, CFMOTO (Zhejiang Chunfeng Power Co., Ltd.), a leading enterprise in the Powersports industry, declared its vision to take the lead in the rapidly evolving global market by announcing its ‘Intelligent + Electrification’ strategy, introduced C-LINK; a game-changing new motorcycle intelligence platform along with the unveiling of a future blockbuster product; the stunning NK-C22 concept motorcycle.

No other transportation type emphasises the relationship between ‘movement’ and ‘control’ quite like a motorcycle. As the future of mobility progresses, CFMOTO strives to realise the perfect synergy between the ‘software’ and ‘hardware’ elements, ensuring that the rider’s experience is seamlessly harmonised.

Recognising that the continuous development of technology, vehicle networking and intelligent interaction will gradually penetrate the daily riding scenes of motorcycle riders; CFMOTO will utilise its profound technical experience to pioneer innovative technical approaches and implementation methods, safeguarding motorcycles in becoming a part of future intelligent life and being connected in the digital world.

Having initially formed an Electrification + Intelligence R&D team several years ago to becoming a full stack developer from the ground up, CFMOTO reserves its technical strength and self-reliance whilst also actively collaborating with several industry-leading resources. C-LINK is the brainchild born to extend the three core technological sectors of intelligent network connection, intelligent cockpit, and intelligent riding to create a riding experience of ‘Connected Fun’ for customers. CFMOTO’s vision is for C-LINK to become a fundamental component of all future CFMOTO products.

The announcement was followed by the unveiling of the striking new ‘NK-C22 Concept’, and whilst no official announcement was made regarding any future production derivatives, there was little doubt that an 800NK may be in the marque’s immediate future model plan. The concept boasted many contemporary features, including forged carbon fibre bodywork and trimmings, a racing-inspired SC-Project dual-exhaust and a single-side swingarm, packaged in CFMOTO’s distinctive lean and mean styling language.

The conference concluded with Chen Zhiyong, General Manager of CFMOTO’s two-wheeled business, declaring that 2023 will be the "Big Year" of new products, with six petrol-powered and four electric motorcycles planned to be launched and reaffirming the company’s commitment to further establishing itself as a world-class Powersports brand.

Further information, including arrival timing, final specifications, colours and pricing, will be announced closer to launch.