The sports side-by-side (SSV) segment now has another corner-carving aspirant in the form of the ZFORCE 1000 Sport R – an upgraded model over the existing ZFORCE 1000 Sport.

The Sport R has joined the Sport in the Aussie line-up, priced at $21,990 drive away – ideal for customers who don’t want to spend 'new car money' on their SSV but still want a sporty driver experience where power and excellent handling, even in the most demanding of conditions, are vitally important.

The Sport R's sporting credentials are compelling:

•    Thanks to changes to the intake, exhaust and cylinder head, the 963cc liquid-cooled, fuel injected V-twin engine produces 90hp, accessed via two power modes: Sport or Normal (Sport: 79hp);
•    It's 1626mm wide (Sport: 1524mm);
•    The wheelbase is 2285mm (Sport: 2040mm);
•    Ground clearance is 340mm (Sport: 310mm);
•    It has 14-inch aluminium beadlock wheels to facilitate lower tyre pressures (Sport: 14-inch alloy);
•    It has 29-inch tyres (Sport: 27-inch);
•    Suspension travel is 340mm on the front and 395mm on the rear, with tool-less adjustment (same as Sport); and
•    It has an all-new sway bar for more lateral stability.

In addition to the revised engine, chassis and dimensions, CFMOTO has updated the driver interface with a new five-inch TFT screen (different layouts for Sport and Normal modes), a new flat-bottom steering wheel with improved grip, 'racing style' cockpit switches and smartphone connectivity with the CFMOTO RIDE app.

As for comfort and convenience, slide rails under the seat make adjustment easier (there's 96mm available), the seats provide more back support, and the passenger handlebar is now adjustable.

Standard features include a roof, protection bar and winch with nylon cable – items not available on other SSVs in the Sport R’s market segment.

There are also multi-functional accessories available for the Sport R, including windshields, cargo boxes, LED bars, lower doors, audio and nerf bars.

The Sport R is available in Royal Blue or Nebula Black.

Meanwhile, the Sport continues to retail for $19,990 drive away, while the entry-level SSV option from CFMOTO is now in the capable hands of the new ZFORCE 800 Trail ($17,490 drive away) which recently replaced the ZFORCE 800 with myriad updates including a new roof, new side air intake with frog skin filter, new exterior design, a new LED front light, more robust half doors and restyled 14-inch alloy wheels.