CFMOTO is branching into the youth quad market, unveiling two all-new machines – including an electric version – at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan on November 23.

The sports-orientated CFORCE 110 and CFORCE EV110 will go on sale in Australia in Q2 2022 and add a long-awaited entry-level element to the CFMOTO ATV family – which currently includes eight models ranging from 400-1000cc.

The electric-start CFORCE 110 is powered by a conventional single-cylinder fuel-injected engine (4.7kW/6.4hp), with styling cues from the existing CFORCE range but otherwise a blank-sheet design. Colours are blue and red.

Meanwhile, the CFORCE EV110 has strong links to the show-stopping adult-sized 'Evolution A’ electric concept that CFMOTO displayed at EICMA 2019.

The EV110’s motor produces 4.5kW and 40Nm of instantaneous torque – the same zone as CFMOTO’s current CFORCE 525 ATV – fed by a 2.3kWh lithium battery. Top speed is 45km/h.

The white EV110 has all-LED lighting and a five-inch LCD dash, while safety features on both models include a speed limiter and a geo-fencing function where smartphones can be used to set a range limit of up to 400 metres.

Wheel sizes are 10/8-inch front and rear.

“This is a big moment for CFMOTO, said CFMOTO Australia director Michael Poynton. “Adding youth quads to the CFMOTO ATV line-up has always been on the radar, and I’m delighted that it’s now coming to fruition.

“With CFMOTO’s ATV pedigree and extraordinary value proposition, I’m confident that both models will make a huge impact on the local market.

“We are particularly excited about the CFORCE EV110 with its mantle as the first electric CFMOTO to go on sale Down Under. It’s not only a stunning design exercise, but with a level of dynamic and sporty performance to keep the kids smiling.”

Pricing on the CFORCE 110 and CFORCE EV110 will be announced soon.

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