Once a year, extreme off-road sports takes on a whole new dimension with the running of the Hunt the Wolf event in Dracula’s heartland of Transylvania, Romania.

CFMoto Romania distributor, Authentic Spirit this year hosted the event where off road enthusiasts and racers from countries such as Romania, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Germany all lined up at the starting grid for three different race classes, Adventure, Crossover and Extreme.

The event attracted more than 80 racers from more than 16 European countries and is referred to as one of the most challenging off-road race events in the world.

Manufacturers of every kind attend the race and show off their latest machines and CFMoto was no different entering the sporty X8 ATV which is the number one selling 800cc ATV in Australia and the Z8EX which was also the number one selling 800cc side by side vehicle in Australia in 2014.

The event was first held in 2007 and has grown in popularity thanks to array of different classes available such as the Extreme class where racers navigate the circuit using their off-road skill and GPS navigation on almost 100% of off-road track.

The adventure class is slightly less challenging with riders enjoying a good mix of public road tracks and off-road trails.

The race, held every year in April is 1,000kms long and is notoriously difficult to finish. CFMoto team pilots Petr Lastovka and Emanuelv Koller both rode the Z8EX to a convincing finish in the extreme class and pilot Marc Buetikofer in the Adventure class.





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