CFMOTO, an emerging name in powersports innovation, is thrilled to announce the launch of its groundbreaking range of electric minibikes – the CX-2E and CX-5E. Designed to inspire the next generation of riders, these innovative electric minibikes promise endless hours of excitement while nurturing essential riding skills. With a commitment to safety, performance, and environmental responsibility, CFMOTO’s new models are set to redefine Australia’s fun bike market.

CX-2E: The Electric Minibike for Beginners

The CX-2E stands as CFMOTO’s introductory model, catering to young riders aged 4 to 7 years. Crafted with safety and fun in mind, this beginner-friendly electric fun bike is the perfect choice for children who are supervised by a parent. With a maximum 1200w output, 10-inch wheels, hydraulic disc brakes all around and a magnetic safety lanyard, the CX-2E promises to deliver countless moments of joy, making it an ideal addition to any family's recreational activities.

CX-5E: The Advanced Electric Minibike for Developing Skills

For riders aged 8 to 12 years who are ready to take their skills to the next level, CFMOTO presents the CX-5E. This larger model boasts a maximum 1500w output of electric fun, with increased ground clearance, riding on 14/12-inch wheels offering an innovative dirt bike experience designed to help young riders hone their skills and progress from novice to technical mastery. The CX-5E is the perfect companion for riders seeking a challenging and exhilarating experience.

Innovative Features Redefining Riding Experience

Both the CX-2E and CX-5E feature cutting-edge technology and design elements that set them apart from the competition:
- High-strength cradle steel tube frame with a distinctive light blue finish.
- Alloy rims, full disc brakes, and high-knobby tyres for reliable stopping power and durability.
- Long-travel suspension tuned for off-road adventures, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.
- Compact 48V-BLDC E-Motor capable of producing 1.5kw/1.2kw max power output for both models.
- Integrated e-motor and proprietary controller for a space-efficient design.
- 48V24Ah 1152Wh Lithium-ion Battery with a range exceeding 60 kilometres and a swappable design.
- Game-changing LCD display for easy ‘gear selection’ with three stages of acceleration/power and battery monitoring.
- Child-friendly ergonomics, seat height, and handlebars for a comfortable and confidence-inspiring riding position.
- Whisper-quiet operation with zero noise and zero exhaust emissions.

Availability and Pricing

CFMOTO's CX-2E and CX-5E electric minibikes are set to hit the Australian market in late September. The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the CX-2E is $2,190 ride away, while the CX-5E will be available at a retail price of $2,490 ride away. These competitive prices reflect CFMOTO's commitment to providing high-quality, affordable options for young riders seeking an electrifying adventure.

With the introduction of the CX-2E and CX-5E electric minibikes, CFMOTO continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the powersports industry. These models represent the future of fun and skill development for young riders, combining cutting-edge technology with a commitment to safety and environmental responsibility.

Interested customers are encouraged to visit their nearest CFMOTO dealer for more information.