Eye Catching 150NK to be Released in Australia


CFMoto Australia today announced the first Kiska designed motorcycle to the Aussie market with the CFMoto 150NK to be released in February.

The entry level motorcycle will replace the popular CFMoto Leader in the 150cc category and hit dealer floors nationwide with a competitive retail price of $3,090 plus on roads.

CFMoto Australia Director, Michael Poynton says the bike will impress city commuters and entry level riders alike with its sharp lines, compact design and fuel efficiency.

Launched globally in late 2014, the 150NK made headlines in China and Europe thanks to the partnership with design powerhouse Kiska who have been designing KTM motorcycles since the early 90’s.

Developed mainly for the smaller capacity Chinese motorcycle market but released here in Australia to compliment the current 650NK and 650TK motorcycle range, the 150NK heralds a new era for the CFMoto product family.

“When you look at the style changes between the CFMoto Leader and the 150NK, the company has come along in leaps and bounds, something which can be directly attributed to the relationship CFMoto has with Kiska.” Poynton said.

Featuring a liquid cooled, four stroke, single cylinder engine, the 150NK offers maximum riding fun. The quality componentry and featherweight chassis make it a great choice for entry level riders looking for a smaller capacity bike to learn the ropes on or for those wishing to get off the scooter and onto a road bike.

For detailed information about the CFMoto 150NK head on over and visit the vehicle page here.